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Iberia in numbers



The Portuguese and the Spanish institutesof statistics have recently published the 2008 version on The Iberian Peninsula in numbers, where you can real all about the similarities and the differences between both countries. A brief summary can be found the official website of the INE, both in Portugal and in Spain, while the complete report is available at Eurostat.

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A good nanotechnology base present

90_03_36-christmas-decorations_web1Nanotechnology is everywhere. There are thousands of products in the market based on N&N.  If you don’t have a clear idea about what are you going to give on Christmas, think on nanotechnology. I am sure your family and friends will appreciate your present.

Nanotechnology gifts can include everything from jackets with Nano-Tex® Resists Static treatment from the Lands’ End™ catalogue, to Babolat® NS™ Tour Tennis Rackets, with carbon nanotubes used to stiffen key areas of the racquet or the famous Apple’s® iPod Nano®an.

However a more original present could be an Apollo Diamond® ring. Apollo Diamond is a company that is based in Boston and who produces flawless diamonds using synthetic means. These diamonds are identical to the real variety except they cultured synthetically.

If you want more Nanotechnology present options, you should visit the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies free online inventory:

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Another look at the INL construction site


Here is another look at the INL construction site. Things are coming into place step by step. The image shows the site where the clean room will be build.

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Is Nanotechnology ethically acceptable?

nano-attitudesResearch and innovations generate always controversy and different opinions.  A recent report published by  the journal Nature Nanotechnology, shows that Nanotechnology is morally less  acceptable in the United States than in many European countries. For instance Dutch and  Swedish  respondents are more enthusiastic about this emerging technology than Americans .  Among other things, the survey concludes that religion plays an important role in technology acceptance. If you want to read more about this study, please click here.

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International SPM Image Contest 2009

spmage07_winnersSince November 15th, international scientists and researchers are invited to send their Scanning Probe Microscopy  images and participate in the second SPMage 09 prize. This is an international competition to recognize and evaluate the best images and innovations related with the Scanning Probe Research.
The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboraratory is on the list of institutions that collaborate with the event. If you want to participate in the SPMage09 contest send your images through the following link.

More than 9000 Euros in prizes, with 5000 Euros for the winner, are waiting for you!.

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Second Life: a Community and Education tool

second_life-nanobugleDuring the 1st  INL workshop celebrated in Braga, INL young scientists had the opportunity to learn about possibilities and resources of Second Life.  This virtual world created by Linden labs is without hesitation one of the most powerful tools to organize meetings, make presentations and share information  in real time.

SecondLife is particular attractive for those companies and institutions with an international and global scale.  Among the most active corporations in this virtual world is IBM. At its facilities in Zurich,  a group of 20 experts in the field leaded by Dr Dirk Husemann study the current and future possibilities of these 3D applications.

Obviously, an International Research Organization, with global partnerships and aa real international community dispersed worldwide like the INL cannot miss the train of  SL.

If you want to practice your Spanish and learn a little bit more about the possibilities of  SL, please take a look at the information provided by the Spanish newspaper El Pais regarding the current tendencies of  SL.

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INL 1st Workshop

workshop1It has passed long time since our last post. The main reason behind this “blog break” relies on our full agenda. As you well know REO people is currently involved in  several selection process and other vital projects for the future of our young organization. We will update you shortly about the progess of all these actions.

In November 2008, we have also organized and celebrated in Braga, the fisrt INL workshop . During two days and a half (November 24-26th), new INL postdoctoral scientists and PhD students shared great moments with the INL  team. Among other things, they attended several presentation from INL leaders, participated in different courses in Technology transfer and virtual communities and enjoyed the fantastic Portuguese food.

At the INL we are really satisfy with the commitment and enthusiasm showed by all participants. Thank you!!!

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