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INL Campus construction will start soon

The construction of the INL campus will start very soon. During the last months, the terrain, right in the urban centre of Braga, was prepared to allow the construction work to start. The picture taken last week shows the area, that in the future will be occupied by campus. The first phase of the INL campus is expected to be entirely functional by the end of 2009.


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Guidelines for travel expenses and reimbursments

The INL guidelines for travel expenses and reimbursements were finally approved. It’s a first set of rules to help all fellowship students obtain financial support every time they need to travel within the development of their PhD Programme.

The guidelines are obviously valid until revised. But it is always a work in progress. New situations and requests from our PhD students can lead to changes. A copy of the document has been sent to all PhD students. For additional information our young researchers can contact the R&EO at

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It’s São João. None stays home tonight

The night of the 23rd June is special in cities like Braga or Porto. Thousands of people invade the streets to celebrate the saint that favours lovers. During the popular festivities, there are many cultural and entertaining events. Obviously, none is working the next day. It’s a holiday and the festivities continue.

In Porto there is also de famous Barcos Rabelos Race, «exhibiting the typical boats formerly used to navigate on the Douro River along 1,5 km, from the Douro mouth to the D. Luís I Bridge, at Ribeira».

Competition is also part of the celebration, with the traditional S. João Run, as well as the competitions of the “cascatas” (typical outdoor decoration), the shop windows and popular poetry.

On the city centre street sellers shout out loud to sell their traditional manjericos (plant), carnations, lemon balm, alho-porro or S. João leek, as well as modern plastic hammers, which you must have to be able to hit friendly your fellow neighbours on this São João night.

The streets are brightly decorated and filled with appetizers sellers, street dancing and play, leading the people to the celebration of S. João surrounded by fun, familiarity, friendship and joy.

Porto dresses up just for you, making sure you live unforgettable days discovering and enjoying the city.

You can find out more about this very special night here.

The youtube video gives you a glimpse of the traditional fireworks.

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Yet another forum

Nanotechnology and nanoscience are subjects that are gaining importance every day. Not just for scientists, industry or investors, but also for the general public. News about alleged risks linked with  are raising awareness about this important fields of science and investigation. The debate has just began and new forum are launched every day. You can find one of the most recent ones at: It is a comunity-driven forum. Check it out!

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The most active companies in R&D in Europe

It is always useful to know who are those companies who invest more resources in R&D. In October 2007, the Industrial Reserach & Innovation Website published the 2007 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard, a list of the 1000 European companies that put more efforts on R&D activities. You can also find information about Non EU companies.

Please take a look at this report, a well informed young scientist should always know what is happening around biggest corporations and main industrial sectors (see more).

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Explain it to me like I’m a six-year-old

It can´t be easy, explaining little children what it is you do. «Too small to see» is always a good answer but it’s certainly not enough for the more curious youngsters. Here we show you a website that might help you with that: nanooze. It a project of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network and some information is available in Portuguese and Spanish. The website also includes a Blog and even a game. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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European Comission starts dialogue on Nanotechnologies

The European Comission is strongly involved in discussing nanotechnoçogies enormous economic and environmental potential. Europe aims to work out a regulatory framework so that industry can fully exploit the advantages of nanotechnologies.

Forecasts for the world market for nanotechnologies span between 750 to 2000 billion € up to 2015, and the potential for the creation of jobsis estimated to 10 million nano-related jobs by 2014, i.e. 10% of all manufacturing jobs world-wide.

In the UE «press room» you can also find out more about the working party involved in promoting international co-operation which facilitates research, development and responsible commercialisation of nanotechnology in member countries and in non-member economies.

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Welcome Aboard

Today we have sent you the first issue of our monthly newsletter «Nano Bugle». We hope you’ll enjoy the short information about our organisation and our activity. At the same time we are launching this blog. We are counting on you to help us feed with regular posts.

The INL Research and Education Office (R&EO) will sort out interesting news related to Nanotechnology and Nanoscience (N&N) and post links for you. We are well aware that you are working hard on your programme, so R&EO will give you a hand keeping up with what’s new in the nano universe.

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INL Foundation

The INL is one of the most exciting initiatives carried out in Europe in the nanotechnology field. It was born in November 19th, 2005, when the heads of the Spanish and Portuguese Governments, J. L. Zapatero and J. Sócrates, during the XXI Spanish-Portuguese Meeting decided to build in Braga (Portugal) a Laboratory exclusively dedicated to Nanosciences & Nanotechnology. With their decision Spain and Portugal made clear not only their commitment to a strong cooperation in science and technology but also they opened a new cycle in their relationship, geared to the creation of a common knowledge based economy, starting by creating a joint research laboratory.

The INL is a foreground project that is looking for the excellence since the beginning. It is an institution with a singular framework and an international legal status similar to those of the most renowned cross-national Research Centres. Our institution is a global-scale research facility equipped with the latest technologies and capable of attracting over 200 top class scientists and technicians from around the world. They will carry out their activities supported by multidisciplinary and multicultural teams of experts in Technology, Business and Communication. With your contribution, we will try to transform the INL in a successful hub in Nanotechnology and Nanosciences for entrepreneurs, companies and researchers from all over the world.

Interview Video…

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Ranking of best cities in the world

A recent survey carried out by Mercer consulting revealed that Zurich, Vienna and Geneva are the best cities in the world as far as quality of live is concerned. Baghdad is the lowest ranking city in the survey. Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon occupy positions 42nd, 43rd and 44th respectively. (read more)

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