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A good nanotechnology base present

90_03_36-christmas-decorations_web1Nanotechnology is everywhere. There are thousands of products in the market based on N&N.  If you don’t have a clear idea about what are you going to give on Christmas, think on nanotechnology. I am sure your family and friends will appreciate your present.

Nanotechnology gifts can include everything from jackets with Nano-Tex® Resists Static treatment from the Lands’ End™ catalogue, to Babolat® NS™ Tour Tennis Rackets, with carbon nanotubes used to stiffen key areas of the racquet or the famous Apple’s® iPod Nano®an.

However a more original present could be an Apollo Diamond® ring. Apollo Diamond is a company that is based in Boston and who produces flawless diamonds using synthetic means. These diamonds are identical to the real variety except they cultured synthetically.

If you want more Nanotechnology present options, you should visit the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies free online inventory:


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  1. you r doing a nice job

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