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UK NanoForum in London

INL is present at the UK NanoForum. This third annual UK NanoForum comprises a one-day conference and exhibition brought over 100 senior international delegates from more than 20 countries, together with the best of the UK’s nanotechnology community.

Breakout sessions cover three main domains: Healthcare for the Modern Age, Clean Technologies and Intelligent Connected World.The sessions will provide a platform for discussion on how nanotechnology can meet these global challenges.

The exhibition will showcase the very best of UK nano to an international audience and, along with a programme of technology pitches, will provide the perfect environment for partnering. With a focus on international trade, investment and collaborations, UK NanoForum 2008 will be a networking forum for industry, academia, technology purchasers and those seeking to develop joint ventures.


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One week. That is the time you have left to apply. November 2nd is the deadline to present your candidacy for the three postdoctoral positions availableat the INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory.The same time limit applies for the six technician positions. You can find out more about the recruitment process at

Don’t pass off this chance to be part off the emerging INL community!

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Nanotechnology and Art


The picture above “nano grand canyon” was taken by Monika Lelonek. The young researcher won the first prize in the second edition of the competition nano+art in 2007, promoted by nano4women, an international network for women in nanotechnology. Check out the pictures presented in this years edition. We hope the images inspire you to take advantage of the increasing sophistication in microscopic characterization. There is certainly art in your work that you would like to share with the INL community!

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Braga closer to Spain

Braga is definitively located at a booming industrial region. It is only 50 kilometers far by car form the city of Porto and very close to the beautiful town of Guimarães. It is also moderately close to Spain. The southern Galician towns of Tuy and Vigo can be reached in less than one hour by car.

All these distances will be even less in a near future. Spanish and Portuguese authorities have showed a real compromise to accelerate the construction of the high speed train line between Braga and Vigo.  It is expected that  the route Braga- Vigo will be operative in 2013 and it will provide services to 3.5 million users annually.  One traveller will travel at 250 Km/h along this route and he will spend 34 minutes to cover such a distance.

You can find more information about this project on Rave (only Portuguese) and Adif (Spanish and English).

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Nanotechnology Glossary

Check out this Nanotechnology Glossary from Nanotechnology Now. It’s a work-in-progress, and the editors promise to up-date it «very frequently».

We think this glossary can be a very important instrument for all young scientists who have to write their work in English. The editors of the site also invite everybody to participate and help improve the Nanotechnology Glossary.

You can find a lot of interesting information and some pretty amazing facts like the smallest guitar ever made.

The smallest guitar is about the size of a human blood cell. Carved out of crystalline silicon, it illustrates new technology for nanosized electromechanical devices. Credits: Professor Harold Craighead and Dustin Carr. © Cornell University


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A Trip worth taking

Lean back and enjoy the ride. Take a moment to go on a virtual discovery journey into the worlds of micro and nano-cosmos. You can follow the journey in different languages including Spanish. «Nanoreisen» was promoted by the German government and developed by an ingenious company.


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Six Positions for technicians in CleanRoom and Characterization INL Laboratories

We have recently launched six technicians’ positions for recent graduates in science and engineering.

Positions are offered in our future stated of the art Clean room and Characterization laboratories. Selected candidates will have the possibility of career development and specific training in Nanotechnology Centers of Spain and Portugal, while INL´s laboratory infrastructure is not complete. Among different techniques you will have the opportunity of becoming an expert and qualified professional in really innovative techniques such as Nano-Litography, NEMS/MEMS, SPM surface analysis and other nanotechnology techniques.

For more information about INL recruitment process and application process visit INL employmet opportunities at

Deadline :November, 2nd, 2008

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