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It’s Christmas time


Christmas decorations in Braga

Christmas decorations in Braga – Portugal


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Second INL Annual Meeting in April

It’s time to gather again. The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory will hold its second annual meeting, in Braga, (Portugal) next April 12 and 13. The meeting will take place in the new building.

The event will comprise scientific presentations form all INL Post-doc researchers and two Poster Sessions with posters from both INL PhD Programmes.

During the meeting the participants will have the opportunity to make a detailed visit to the INL facilities. INL researchers shall also be updated on the next INL activities. Several members of the INL International Advisory Board, also present in Braga for the annual Advisory Board Meeting, will also attend the meeting, which gives all members of the INL community the opportunity to discuss with them science and their impressions about the INL project.

See you soon in Braga!

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Workshop Nano09 closed today in Braga

Today the ‘Workshop Nano09-Shaping the Future’, a joint initiative of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences and the Portuguese Academy of Engineering, closed in Braga. Yesterday the Portuguese minister of Science and Technology, Mariano Gago, participated in a session attended by over a hundred nanotechnology researchers gathered in Braga, to discuss the main tendencies in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience. The participants, mainly Portuguese and Spanish members of research groups, had the opportunity to exchange experiences with other colleagues form leading international research institutions. The workshop was the first event ever hosted by INL.

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Over 100 researchers gathered in Braga

The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) is hosting the «Workshop Nano09 – Shaping the future». The first scientific event ever to take place in the INL facilities in Braga (Portugal), started this morning (December 10th) and will continue until tomorrow afternoon.

For the more than hundred nano-scientist who are present in Braga these days, the workshop is an opportunity to discuss the future of Nanosciences and Nanotechnology as well as a chance to visit the INL facilities.

The workshop started with a presentation by Martin Steinhart (Institut für Chemie, Universität Osnabrück) «Beyond Evolution: Polymers in Holes and Holes in Polymers», in memoriam of Ulrich Gösele, from Max Planck-Institute of Microstructure Physics, who unexpectedly passed away last month.

The image shows the deputy director-general of INL, prof. Paulo Freitas (INESC Microsystems and Nanotechnology , and Physics Department, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon) making his presentation «Lab on chip platforms for biological and biomedial applications.»

Here you can find out a little more about the event and the participants.

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INL International Advisory Board Meeting in Braga


A research laboratory in the forefront of knowledge and technology like the INL needs advice of leading experts. The next meeting of the INL International Advisory Board will be held in Braga  on Friday, January 23rd, 2009. The significant track records and achievements of all members will offer a uniquely exciting opportunity to succesfully advance in different areas of INL project.

INL International Advisory Board Members:

*Roberto G.M. Caciuffo
European Commission Directorate General Joint Research Centre
Institute for Transuranium Elements Karlsruhe, Germany

*Thomas Jovin
Max Planck Institute for biophysical Chemistry
Göttingen, Germany

*Emilio Méndez
Director of the Center for Functional Nanomaterials-Brookhaven National
Laboratory – Upton, US

*Christopher B. Murray
Departments of Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering
University of Pennsylvania, US

*Aristides A. G. Requicha
Director of the Laboratory for Molecular Robotics,
University of Southern California, US

*Mihail C. Roco
National Science Foundation – US

*Heinrich Rohrer
Nobel Laureate in Physics

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Braga closer to Spain

Braga is definitively located at a booming industrial region. It is only 50 kilometers far by car form the city of Porto and very close to the beautiful town of Guimarães. It is also moderately close to Spain. The southern Galician towns of Tuy and Vigo can be reached in less than one hour by car.

All these distances will be even less in a near future. Spanish and Portuguese authorities have showed a real compromise to accelerate the construction of the high speed train line between Braga and Vigo.  It is expected that  the route Braga- Vigo will be operative in 2013 and it will provide services to 3.5 million users annually.  One traveller will travel at 250 Km/h along this route and he will spend 34 minutes to cover such a distance.

You can find more information about this project on Rave (only Portuguese) and Adif (Spanish and English).

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Braga video city

Today we have decided to give you more information about our city. Below you can see a video about Braga, It is quite long but it shows you the main places and monuments of the city. I consider that it also gives you an idea about the lifestyle and habits of Bracarenses. click

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INL Campus construction will start soon

The construction of the INL campus will start very soon. During the last months, the terrain, right in the urban centre of Braga, was prepared to allow the construction work to start. The picture taken last week shows the area, that in the future will be occupied by campus. The first phase of the INL campus is expected to be entirely functional by the end of 2009.

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It’s São João. None stays home tonight

The night of the 23rd June is special in cities like Braga or Porto. Thousands of people invade the streets to celebrate the saint that favours lovers. During the popular festivities, there are many cultural and entertaining events. Obviously, none is working the next day. It’s a holiday and the festivities continue.

In Porto there is also de famous Barcos Rabelos Race, «exhibiting the typical boats formerly used to navigate on the Douro River along 1,5 km, from the Douro mouth to the D. Luís I Bridge, at Ribeira».

Competition is also part of the celebration, with the traditional S. João Run, as well as the competitions of the “cascatas” (typical outdoor decoration), the shop windows and popular poetry.

On the city centre street sellers shout out loud to sell their traditional manjericos (plant), carnations, lemon balm, alho-porro or S. João leek, as well as modern plastic hammers, which you must have to be able to hit friendly your fellow neighbours on this São João night.

The streets are brightly decorated and filled with appetizers sellers, street dancing and play, leading the people to the celebration of S. João surrounded by fun, familiarity, friendship and joy.

Porto dresses up just for you, making sure you live unforgettable days discovering and enjoying the city.

You can find out more about this very special night here.

The youtube video gives you a glimpse of the traditional fireworks.

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Working and Living in Braga

Braga is not as famous as Lisbon or Porto, the two major portuguese cities, but it is certainly worth knowing. Working and living in this town in Northen Portugal can be very pleasant. The city has a lot to offer. 

The NanoBugle will save a small corner of every issue to inform you about the city, its people and traditions. You can also contact us directly if you have any question regarding living and working conditions in Braga. The R&EO is working on a welcome guide, to be published very soon. This document will avaliable for all INL pre and postdocs. 


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