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Nanobama – A scientist’s way to show support


Everybody has his own way to show his support. John Hart, professor from the Department Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan created Obama images using nanotubes. The microscopic faces are made of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes. Each face is made of approximately 150 million tiny nanotubes. At John Hart’s website you can find out how it is done. It might inspire you to «grow» something too.


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The Program for the first INL Workshop is almost ready. All our young researchers have already confirmed their participation. And our post docs are getting their. We are only waiting for one single ‘yes’. It’s an extra effort for everybody, that is clear, but it will be worth it.

You can expect two and half days of intense and collaborative work, good Portuguese food and some leisure too. The workshop will be held from Monday 24th (9:30 am) to Wednesday 26th (2:00 pm).

A detailed presentation of the INL building project along with a site visit is planed. There will also be learning session regarding innovative learning tools, with the collaboration of a specialised company. Presentations on Entrepreneurship and Technology transfer by venture capital experts are also being carefully prepared.

In the following days all participants will receive a detailed schedule for the workshop. We are confident it is going to be a success.

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