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Coming Soon: A Foldable iPad?

During the last decade, we have seen how LCD technology has revolutionized our daily lives, with applications from cell phones to television displays.  It seems that the next move of the industry points to foldable screens. The technology tend might be even accelerated by the great market acceptance of the iPad.

In this race for the production of affordable and efficient foldable displays, a team of Duke University chemists presented in Advanced Materials a way to mass-produce bendable copper nanowires. Their technology is based on the production of copper nanowires in a water solution. By adding different chemicals to the solution, Duke researchers created tiny crystal “seeds,” which sprouted individual nanowires. The researchers hope the technology can be used to produce new materials with direct applications in mobile phones, portable computers as well as in the fast-growing solar industry, too.

You can read the full article here.


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