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Production of Customized Nanoparticles


Image obtained from Nanograde web site

Image obtained from Nanograde web site

Nanograde is a spin-off of ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) founded in 2008, dedicated to the development and production of nanoparticles. 

The company provides custom synthesis of nanoparticles using a versatile patented process by ETH Zurich. It also offers to its customers the implementation of projects to produce or develop new applications for nanoparticles.


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High-density Magnetic Recording


Nanomagnets formation on the surface of an alloy of iron and aluminium saw through a focused ion beam. Image obtained from CIN2 web site.

Nanomagnets formation on the surface of an alloy of iron and aluminium saw through a focused ion beam. Image obtained from CIN2 web site.

Researchers at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research and the Centro de Investigación en Nanociencia y Nanotecnología CIN2 have developed a procedure for making a quick, cheap and controlled entirely flat magnetic means shaped by nanomagnets. By this procedure they can record on the surface of a non-magnetic material, ferromagnetic small areas that will hardly alter the topography of the lithographic material. 

The result of this research could lead to new basic units of information in computer hard disks, greatly increasing the density memory.

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Electronic Nose To Detect Explosives


Image obtained from

Image obtained from

The Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón (INA) and the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón are collaborating on a project for the design and development of a multisensory platform built by several silicon-modified micro assemblies with zeolites for the detection of specific elements that gas mixtures present. It is clear that this micro device has a wide range of applications; this initiative focuses on the detection of a molecule of the family of derivatives of TNT explosives. 


The electronic nose, the micro levers or silicon microstructures are coated with zeolites micro membranes which act as sensing layers, absorbing gases selectively depending on its temperature.

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Fullerene Carbon Nanotubes For Cancer Treatment


Image obtained from

Image obtained from

Unidym, Inc. has created a spin-off company, Ensysce Biosciences Inc., which focuses on the use of fullerenes carbon nanotubes in therapeutic applications, specifically in the area of cancer treatment. Ensysce Biosciences develops a new class of therapeutics using carbon nanotubes as delivery agents. Currently, the company participates in the following research projects: 

Delivery of Inferring Small RNA (siRNA) for Cancer Treatment 

Delivery and Improved Performance of Established Active Cancer Drugs

Delivery of Alpha-emitting Radiation Using Carbon Nanotubes

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A spin-off receives ‘50 East GoingGreen’ Award


Image obtained from Plextronics’ web site

Plextronics, Inc. has announced its selection as a 2009 GoingGreen East 50 Private Company, award given to companies that create emerging business opportunities in green technology. 

Located in Pittsburgh, Plextronics focuses on organic solar cell and organic light emitting diodes (OLED). 

The spin-out of Carnegie Mellon University opened in January this year its first manufacturing line development (D-line), an industrial facility to develop printable solar inks manufacturing techniques using commercially relevant. Moreover, its modular design also allows evaluating new processes to improve the functioning of their inks.

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Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials


Image obtained from

Image obtained from

GMZ Energy Inc., a spin-off of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston College, markets high performance and low cost nanostructured thermoelectric materials.

Power generation and cooling systems are major applications of these nanomaterials. According to the company, the materials developed can be easily integrated into various devices for cooling and power generation in the market and may lead to a new generation of cleaner and more energy efficient products.

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Carbonnanoepoxy Wind Energy Systems

Image obtained

Image obtained from


Spolek Amroy Europe Ltd. have announced a cooperation agreement to market wind energy systems based on high performance HYBTONITE dispersed carbon nanotubes. 

HYBTONITE ® nanoepoxy is one of the last families of the spin-off from the University of Jyväskylä (Amroy Europe Ltd.), with applications in the automotive, aeronautical and wind, among others.

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A123Systems supplies batteries for Chrysler

Images obtained from, and

Images obtained from, and

A123Systems and Chrysler LLC have signed an agreement for the new batteries 
line of electric cars and hybrids Envi.
It seems that the original idea was to provide five car models of these batteries. The all-electric vehicles have a standard plug to be refilled during the night and will have a hybrid battery that will provide autonomy of 40 miles. The first of the five models will go on sale next year.

A123Systems, a spin-off of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology founded in 2001, currently develops advanced Nanophosphate ™ Prismatic Lithium ion battery cells.

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This time we put at your disposal one of the presentations developed by Nano Bugle’s team. The field chosen on this occasion is Nanomedicine. The contents developed are:

Definition of Nanomedicine

Analytical techniques and diagnostic tools

In vitro diagnostic devices

Biochip or DNA microarray
Protein Microarrays
Cell chips
Lab-on-a-chip devices

Imaging diagnostic

Drug delivery

Regenerative medicine

Bioactive signalling molecules


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Commercial synthesis of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes


Image obtained from SWeNT web site

Image obtained from SWeNT web site

SouthWest NanoTechnologies (SWeNT) has received his Low Release, Low Exposure PMN exemption from EPA under TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act.), which means they can produce and distribute carbon nanotubes for commercial applications.

SWeNT is a spin-off of the University of Oklahoma and ConocoPhillips, which produces carbon nanotubes using the patent CoMoCAT®.

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