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Carbon Nanotubes Utilities

We had previously approached to you other three videos in the range of carbon nanotubes in posts entitled “Carbon Nanotubes”, “Production of Carbon Nanotubes” and “How can we see Carbon Nanotubes

This time we return to that series with a video about the carbon nanotubes utilities entitled “Where are nanotubes used?


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New Technique for Manufacturing Organic Electronic Components

Image obtained from Orthogonal web site

Image obtained from Orthogonal web site

The startup of Ithaca, Orthogonal, is developing materials that will enable organic electronic components using the same type of equipment used to manufacture silicon electronic components, allowing the construction of more complex organic compounds also.

The company has made four prototype devices using new photolithography chemical compounds compatible with organic materials.

In the company’s website we can also find a flash resource that explains the OLEDs operation that may be useful as an educational resource.

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Magnetic Nanoparticles for Fight Against Cancer

One field of application of the technology that more effort is being invested is nanomedicine, and perhaps, within this, therapies to treat cancer.

In the posts entitled “Nanomedicine” and “Magnetic Nanomedicine“, Nano Bugle’s team has placed at your disposal documents that develop basic concepts related to those terms. On this occasion we show you a video entitled “Fighting Cancer with Magnetic Nanoparticles” developed by the spin-off of the Charité Hospital of the Charité–Universitätsmedizin called MagForce Nanotechnologies AG. Video can serve as a practical example and educational supplement to the two presentations above.

This film describes the system developed by MagFroce Nanotechnologies and that it is based on injecting minosilane-coated iron oxide nanoparticles into a tumour that has been located previously. These nanoparticles are given a high-frequency alternating magnetic field, causing them to vibrate and damage or destroy the tumor.

This method can be used as thermoablation method for destroying tumour cells or hyperthermia therapy to facilitate conventional treatments (chemotherapy or radiotherapy).

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Magnetic Nanomedicine


Some time ago Nano Bugle’s team put at your disposal a presentation in which basic questions of Nanomedicine were developed. This time we completed this presentation with another entitled ‘Magnetic Nanomedicine’, which includes the following contents:

Magnetic nanomaterials: typical uses in biology and medicine

Nanorods and Nanowires
Thin Films

Properties Of Magnetic Nanoparticles That Make Them Attractive For Biomedical Applications

Easy Detection
Magnetic Manipulation
Energy Transfer

Typical Biomedical Applications Of Magnetic Nanoparticles

Diagnostic Applications

Magnetic Separation
Medical Imaging
Targeted Detection

Therapeutic Applications

Hyperthermia Treatment
Targeted Drug Delivery
Mechanical Forces On Cells

Magnetic Biosensors and Biochips Based On Magnetic Thin Films

Sensor Arrays

Trends In Biomedical Applications

Multi-functional Nanomaterials
Micro-fluidics and Lab-on-chips

Download Magnetic Nanomedicine

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Techniques to Visualize Carbon Nanotubes

Continuing the series of videos presenting the posts “Carbon Nanotubes” and “Production of Carbon Nanotubes“, on this occasion we approached to you the third video in the series entitled “How can see Carbon Nanotubes”, which explains the techniques that are used to visualize carbon nanotubes.

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Possibilities of Nanotechnology in Cancer


Video frames otained from the ‘Video Journey Into Nanotechnology’

Video frames otained from the ‘Video Journey Into Nanotechnology’

This time we show you a video, entitled ‘Video Journey Into Nanotechnology’, from the National Cancer Institute that shows the potential of nanotechnology in cancer treatment, moreover it approach us to the operational dimensions of the nanoscale.

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This time we put at your disposal one of the presentations developed by Nano Bugle’s team. The field chosen on this occasion is Nanomedicine. The contents developed are:

Definition of Nanomedicine

Analytical techniques and diagnostic tools

In vitro diagnostic devices

Biochip or DNA microarray
Protein Microarrays
Cell chips
Lab-on-a-chip devices

Imaging diagnostic

Drug delivery

Regenerative medicine

Bioactive signalling molecules


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What is Nanotechnology?

Frame obtained from video

Frame obtained from video

In the middle of last month we recovered a video that explains the surface area increase of nanomaterials with respect to the materials at greater scales. On this occasion we found another video that can serve as an educational resource to explain the concept of nanotechnology.


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