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Teaching tomorrow’s researchers about the “The Tiny Revolution”

On April 26th, 2011 at the Barrie Foundation Headquarters at Vigo, Sergio Figueiras, from the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) and former Barrie Foundation’ scholar, had the opportunity to present nanotechnology to students from the Ricardo Mella Secondary School (Vigo). The talk, entitled “The Tiny Revolution”, was able to give a students and teachers a good idea about what the nanotechnology entails as well as provide examples of the broad range of applications that it offers.  These included the creation of new electronics, energy solutions, and health care products, all of which make improve our everyday life.

The INL should be recognized as a leader in nanotechnology, and we wanted to use this event to share our expertise and excitement with these young students who may be learning about nanotechnology for the very first time,” said Sergio “We hope this event showed them how research is done at the nanoscale and how this research can affect their everyday lives.”

The students were highly interested about the latest developments in the nanotechnology area.  They were especially interested in the innovative research tools such as the electron microscope, while others were able to identify with the application of technologies leading to the improvement in manufacturing of cell phones, an item they all use daily.

This talk is part of a larger series of conferences called “Talks about sciences/Charlas de Ciencias” organized by the Barrie Foundation, a corporate foundation focused on promoting the development of Galicia from a global perspective.  The foundation has made education and research and innovation a high priority.

These conferences are designed to complement the school’s curriculum as it pertains to the scientific research, giving a practical overview and increasing students interest in the sciences, helping make today’s students tomorrow’s researchers.


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Nanoland a fun way for children (and adults) to learn about Nanotechnology

There is no better way to learn about something than by making them participate in a fun and entertaining way. Aimed at the gaming generations, the London Science Museum has developed “Nanoland: Big Adventures in a Small World” an exciting way to teach its players the basics of nanotechnology interactively.

The concept is simple. Duck Boy is exploring Nanoland. It’s a strange place where not all is what it seems. As he explores Nanoland he encounters a strange phenomenon, which causes everything to reduce in size to nano-scale, making the journey much more difficult! However, Nanotechnology is available to help Duck Boy solve the problems that he comes across.

Through Duck Boy’s ride, children and adults will get a better understanding about the differences between the macro-world and the nano-world as well as expand their knowledge base in nanotechnology and nanoscience concepts like Brownian motion or nano-research tools like electron microscopes.

You can play on-line HERE

What do you think about this game? Do you know any other interactive interactive programs about nanotechnology?  What do you think the best way is to learn about Nanoscience? Write a comment and share it with the rest of Nanobugle’s Readers.

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Learning Nanotechnology with videogames

Aimed at the gaming generations, NanoMission™ is an engaging learning experience which educates players about basic concepts in nanoscience through real world practical applications from microelectronics to drug delivery.

NanoMission is a serious game series made by PlayGen for Cientifica in order to teach the player about the world nanotechnology..

It consists in a series of several related games that can be downloaded and run independently of one another. There is no required order of play for the game modules and the player may play them in any order the player wishes. Each module is different and covers different topics related to nanotechnology.

Until now, there are four downloadable modules available, each teaching different concepts related to nanotechnology. The gameplay varies greatly between the different modules in the series offering a wide variety of gameplay.

Nano Medicine: How nanotechnology can be used to help fight disease.

Nano Medicine: Fighting Lung Cancer with  Nanoparticles.

Nano Scale: What the nano scale is like from a first person point of view & how it differs from normal scale.

Nano Imaging: Imaging at nano scale. Use of atomic force microscope, electron microscopes and scanning tunnelling microscope.

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Explain it to me like I’m a six-year-old

It can´t be easy, explaining little children what it is you do. «Too small to see» is always a good answer but it’s certainly not enough for the more curious youngsters. Here we show you a website that might help you with that: nanooze. It a project of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network and some information is available in Portuguese and Spanish. The website also includes a Blog and even a game. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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