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Good chances for nano-based energy storage products

Markets for nano-based energy storage products are expected to take off from 2012. Robust sales growth opportunities are expected for nanotechnology based rechargeable batteries (Lithium-ion) and ultracapacitors as these energy storage products are expected to be the early adopters of nanomaterials in their production.

The global nanotechnology enhanced energy storage products market is in the pre-market stage and will gain critical mass when the usage of nano-based materials in the production of energy storage products is expected to become mainstream post-2012. The R&D pipeline for nano storage products is replete with promising nano-prototypes and mockups, some of which are tested in pilot markets. Commercialized nano storage products are expected to be launched in large numbers post-2012.

These are only some of the conclusions included in the report “Global Nanotechnology Markets for Energy Storage – Analysis and Forecasts to 2015”. You can read a little more about the report here.

The report announced by Research and Markets (a source for international market research and market data) provides key data, information and analysis on the market opportunities in the nanotechnology enabled energy storage market. The report provides key market trends and competitive landscape analysis for the market. The research discusses market dynamics in detail by providing analytical content on the key challenges for the commercialization of nanotechnology. The report’s coverage of the nanotechnology enabled energy storage market is comprehensive with dedicated sections on the state of research, patent analysis, and key supplier profiles.

Key topics covered include nanotechnology enabled batteries, the ultracapacitor market potential, the state of research, and patent activities analysis.


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