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Nanostructures Against Cancer

Images obtained from BIND Biosciences web site

Images obtained from BIND Biosciences web site

The startup BIND Biosciences develops novel nanoparticles which include a drug and that they hope, at the same time, reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and increase its effectiveness against cancer. In addition to carrying the drug, these nanoparticles are inserted into proteins used to attack the cancer.

The nanoparticles developed by BIND Biosciences can remain in the bloodstream longer than a day, which increases the effectiveness of the drug due to increased chances of the medication to reach its objectives.


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Nanocrystalline Silicate and Aluminosilicate Materials

Image obtained from

Image obtained from

NanoZeolites development has resulted in the creation of a spin-off of the Department of Chemistry, Ludwig-Maximilians University called NanoScape AG.

The NanoZeolites include a range of nanocrystalline silicate and aluminosilicate highly porous materials that the company offers both in suspension and powder. In addition, the technology platform of the company ZeoCol combines large-pore, nanocrystalline materials with a variety of techniques of encapsulation and loading.

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