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EUMINAfab Opens its Doors

Image obtained from EUMINAfab web site

Image obtained from EUMINAfab web site

EUMINAfab (European Infrastructure for Micro-and Nanofabrication and characterization) opened its virtual doors, offering scientists and scientific institutions free access to machines and knowledge related to micro and nanotechnology.

EUMINAfab is coordinated by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology through its program “NANOMICRO: Science, Technology, Systems”.

EUMINAfab enables to its users free access to 36 leading technology belonging to 10 institutions in 8 Member States of the European Union. The only condition is that users must consent to EUMINAfab publishing the results of their investigations.

The deadline for submitting project proposals via the website EUMINAfab opened on September 1.


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Research Projects in the Field of Biosciences

Images obtained from LABONFOIL web site

Images obtained from LABONFOIL web site

The alliance IK4 participates in research projects of the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union called NANOTHER, LABONFOIL and POCO.

The project NANOTHER seeks synthesis of polymeric nanoparticles and magnetic drug carriers for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. Also collaborating on this project, besides other international partners, are CIC bioGUNE and pharmaceutical Pharmamar and Pharmakine and a spin-off from the University of the Basque Country specialized in products and services for preclinical and clinical research in cancer and metastasis.

LABONFOIL is a project that aims to develop ultra-low-cost lab-on-chip without compromising the response time, sensitivity and ease of use. The intention is to incorporate mobile laboratory on a chip that can perform diagnostics in areas such as health, environment, food and safety. Participants of the project are Gema Medical, the Fundación Vasca de Innovación e Investigación Sanitarias and Biotools B&M Labs, a spin-off of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid..

The POCO project aims at developing polymer nanocomposites with carbon nanotubes to obtain materials with special properties with applications in the aerospace, automotive, construction and biomedical research. Besides two IK4 alliance members, the participation of the Iberian Peninsula in the project is completed by the University of the Basque Country and Acciona Infraestructuras.

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