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New Industrial Adhesive Promoter Especially for Polymers

mages obtained from Oxford Advanced Surfaces web site

mages obtained from Oxford Advanced Surfaces web site

Oxford Advanced Surfaces Group Plc has announced the development of a new technology that provides high bond strength in a wide range of existing industrial adhesives (epoxy, polyurethane, cyanocrylate, silicone). This technology can improve the adhesion properties, allowing the joining of materials such as polyimide and PET polymers, where epoxy adhesives do not usually achieve satisfactory joints.

The Onto® adhesion promoters, developed by the spinout of the University of Oxford, can be used in a wide range of substrates including polymers, inorganic materials and metals and can be applied with a choice of wet application processes. Depending on the application that is intended, its thickness can vary from several nanometers to several microns.


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