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Nanotubes for X-Ray Machine

Images obtained from, and

Images obtained from, and

The company Xintek, a spin-off from the University of North California at Chapel Hill, has partnered with Siemens Medical Solutions to form a company, XinRay Systems, which has developed a prototype for producing X-rays from carbon nanotubes.

The conventional X-ray machines use a single emitter of tungsten as electron emitter, while the prototype developed by XinRay Systems uses a series of vertical carbon nanotubes, providing hundreds of small issuers.

Meanwhile, in conventional machines, it takes a while to heat the tungsten; the nanotubes emit electrons instantly when subjected to voltage. Furthermore, conventional technology requires the source of electrons moving around the object to obtain 3-D (as in CT) and need to take hundreds of images because the motion of the heart and lungs can lead to blurred images. The machine developed by XinRay Systems can turn on and off multiple nanotubes issuers, and this facilitates additional sequential images from different angles.

It has been shown that this new technology accelerates the body imaging; the images obtained are sharp and could increase the precision of radiation therapy so as not to damage healthy tissues.

The company Xintek sells its nanotube emitter display technology to manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola, which use them for the development of screens that consume less power than LCD and plasma while maintaining the same resolution as the cathode ray.


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