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Magnetic Nanomedicine


Some time ago Nano Bugle’s team put at your disposal a presentation in which basic questions of Nanomedicine were developed. This time we completed this presentation with another entitled ‘Magnetic Nanomedicine’, which includes the following contents:

Magnetic nanomaterials: typical uses in biology and medicine

Nanorods and Nanowires
Thin Films

Properties Of Magnetic Nanoparticles That Make Them Attractive For Biomedical Applications

Easy Detection
Magnetic Manipulation
Energy Transfer

Typical Biomedical Applications Of Magnetic Nanoparticles

Diagnostic Applications

Magnetic Separation
Medical Imaging
Targeted Detection

Therapeutic Applications

Hyperthermia Treatment
Targeted Drug Delivery
Mechanical Forces On Cells

Magnetic Biosensors and Biochips Based On Magnetic Thin Films

Sensor Arrays

Trends In Biomedical Applications

Multi-functional Nanomaterials
Micro-fluidics and Lab-on-chips

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