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Molecular Switches Activated By Sunlight

Image obtained from Valencia

Image obtained from Valencia Nanophotonics Technology Center web site

A team of researchers from the University of La Rioja has managed to synthesize the first molecular switches activated by sunlight.

His research has been inspired by natural structures present in the retina. This work argues that when the light reaches the eyes of the person, it activates some of the proteins that make up the retina, causing a slight movement of rotation in the structure of its molecules. Inspired by this mechanism the research team has succeeded in synthesizing a new type of compounds that play such a mechanism. The incidence of sunlight makes the compost from one position to another, as if it were a tiny switch.

A big advantage over other compounds is the use of energy abundant, cheap and clean, it also does not damage the material on which it operates.

The small size of these compounds makes them particularly useful in biological and future applications of nanotechnology.


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