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Quantum Dots Do Not Behave As Independent Systems

Image obtained from El Mundo web site

Image obtained from El Mundo web site

One of the most striking of nanotechnology is the quantum confinement or quantum dots: particles such as electrons are trapped in closed nano-structures, a phenomenon that generates the art optical and electronic properties with no equivalent in nature and with potential technological applications.

Until now, scientists had observed confinement isolated objects or irregular systems. An investigation, with the participation of the Centro de Investigación en Nanociencia y Nanotecnología CIN2 and the Swiss Nanoscience Institute, detected for the first time the formation of a regular series of electronic confinement on a copper surface. The finding could be useful in future applications for sensors and computer.

The study has overcome the difficulties that arise when creating regular structures capable of causing the confinement. The most prominent work is that regular confinement systems do not behave as independent, but interact with each other and form a new structure of electronic bands.

This finding would control different electronic properties of the surface of matter (in the case of this investigation, copper), which, in turn, would control different electronic properties, such as resistance.


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