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Thin Films, Nanocomposites and Surfactants Development

A spin-off founded in 1985 from Case Western Reserve University, Nanofilm, has specialized in the development of self-reactive thin films, nanocomposites and surfactants.

Nanofilm develops transparent polymer films, giving them properties such as resistance to abrasion and contaminants and hydrophobicity. Moreover, the molecules these nanofilms are self-assemble to form coatings for continuous and regular glass, plastic or other substrate.

Among the nanocomposites developed by Nanofilm you can find products which may have one or more of the following properties: hydrophobic, anti-static, anti-reflective, infrared or rejecting resistant, chemical resistant, Electrically conducting, hydrophilic, or rejecting UV resistant, Anti – microbial, abrasion resistant, self cleaning, Selectively function over a broad temperature range.

As a result of their experience in coatings, Nanofilm has developed surfactant products that can clean and treat surfaces or to provide various properties, such as fog.


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