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Nanosilica production in Castellón

Image obtained from Cognoscible Technologies web site

Image obtained from Cognoscible Technologies web site

This year 2009, Castellón will be the place to manufacture the line of organic additives for concrete, called Gaia, which substitutes microsilica.

The alliance between Cognoscible Technologies, Industrias Ulmen and Cuore Concrete Industries has made possible the production of this nanoaditive in Spain.

Cognoscible Technologies is the creator of the Gaia Nanosilica, which allows obtaining the ISO 14001, eliminates the risk of silicosis in the manipulators, increases quality of the concrete and saves costs due to lower cement and superplasticizers.

In addition, the company Cognoscible Technologies, settled down in Barcelona, is working on developing the first generation nanocements through an alliance with Grupo Suñer. The benefits from these nanocements are its lower cost, higher strength than conventional ones, the reduction of CO2 produced and the incorporation of Pico catalysts to emit oxygen instead of CO2.


March 18, 2009 - Posted by | Nano News

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