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An engine to navigate through the arteries

Video frame from Monash University website

Video frame from Monash University website

Researchers from Monash Universyty belonging to Micro/Nanophysics Research Laboratory have developed 250 micrometers microbot motors. Its name is “Proteus engine” in honour of the submarine miniature that go all over the human body in the movie “Fantastic Voyage”.

The engine uses piezoelectricity as source of energy, which responds to mechanical stress using the ability of some materials to generate electric potential.

Although surgeons and, patients of course prefer minimally invasive operations surgery, it is not always possible to avoid serious harm, such as perforation of an artery by the catheter tube in narrow areas.

The microbot motor created could transport the appropriate sensors equipment to reach inaccessible areas by other ways. Furthermore, the implementation of tiny remote control operated robots, which use this engine as propeller could facilitate the labour of surgeons.

So far, the team that carried out the project also built the engines’ prototypes. Currently they work to improve the assembly of mechanical devices to control the micro-motor.


February 27, 2009 - Posted by | Nanomedicine


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