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Gecko-Inspired Drug Delivery Device

Image obtained from Nanosys web page

Image obtained from Nanosys web page

It has long been trying to deliver medication through the mucous membranes, being a good choice for this purpose due to its large area and its rich blood supply. Compared to the advantages already discussed, the mucous membranes are an effective natural barrier that protects us from the entrance of substances, which hinder the administration of medication for that route.

Chemical modifications to improve the adhesion properties were the base of the attempts made so far for the administration of medications through the mucous membranes.

Nanosys Inc. has recently submitted the results of initial studies of Gecko-Inspired drug delivery device. This silicon nanowire mucous membrane drug delivery device has been carried out with a nano-structured surface adhesion properties of which are based on the Van Der Waals forces of adhesion. This novel design results in silicon nanowires adhere to the cells below the mucus, allowing a longer residence time, enhancing the local concentrations and allowing a better absorption systems where the medication is directed to tissues.

This study also showed that the amount of mucosal shear force the silicon nanowire-based could withstand being Elimite is 100 times higher than a non-silicon nanowire device. In addition, silicon nanowires have a low production cost and are biocompatible.


February 17, 2009 - Posted by | Nanomedicine

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