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Nanoparticles to provide medical treatment for cancer taken orally

Most of the medicines against cancer are injectable. This causes that the cancer sufferers have to move very often to take their treatment. Maybe in a short time, the usual way of giving these medicines would be orally thanks to a new sort of nanoparticles developed by investigators from the John Hopkins University School of Medicine. These nanoparticles would allow taking only a pill.
For the development of this new polymeric nanoparticle, the investigators started from three different materials. They expected that the resulting polymers would be stuck to the mucosal layer in the gastrointestinal tract, and then the nanoparticles transported to the bloodstream. The researchers created the nanoparticles from six parts of N–isopropylacrylamide, two parts of methylmethacrylate and two parts of acrylic acid. These elements prove to have certain interesting properties from the pharmacology point of view.
The nanoparticles developed easily incorporated poorly water-soluble drugs. After the patients took them orally, the nanoparticles were able to lead drugs to bloodstream.
The anticancer drug called rapamycin was tested in animals and it proved that the formula is appropriate for giving it orally water-insoluble like the rapamycin, it has good properties, pharmacokinetic and therapeutic efficacy in a xenograft model of human pancreatic cancer.
The journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics published this research entitled  “In vivo characterization of a polymeric nanoparticle platform with potential oral drug delivery capabilities”. It was relying on the participation of the investigators from the University of Delhi and the University Medical Centre Utrecht.


February 11, 2009 - Posted by | Nanomedicine

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