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Nano2Life choses company of the month

Lyncée Tec SA was selected as the company of the month by Nano2Life the first European Network of Excellence in nanobiotech.


Based in Lausane, Switzerland, Lyncée Tec combines for the first time in microscopy nanometre resolution, real time and non-invasive 3D observations. Its instruments, used for R&D, process engineering and quality control in manufacturing environments are based on a revolutionary patented technology called “Digital Holographic Microscopy” (DHM).  

The DHM family of instrument is composed by  

– The DHM R1000, a reflection configuration microscope, suitable for totally and partially reflecting objects (down to 1% reflectivity). Its very low sensitivity to environmental vibrations makes it the ideal tool for rapid inspection and accurate surface topography measurements on a very large variety of samples. It is especially well adapted for dynamical characterization of MEMS and MOEMS and for surface topography in optics, nanotechnology, and semiconductor industry.

– The DHM T1000, a transmission configuration microscope, suitable for transparent or semi-transparent samples.

In this configuration, it does not only provide information about the specimen surface, but it is also capable of detecting structures located inside the material. It is used not only in Material Sciences, for shape measurements of micro optic components, but also in Life Science for lab on chip characterization, for diagnostic, and for real time monitoring of cell morphology, without any contrast agent, for instance in cardiology, neuroscience, and immunology.




Long time cell morphology change observation of neurons on stimulation

The aim of Nano2Life is to merge existing European expertise in the field of nanobiotechnology. These endeavours are undertaken in order to keep Europe as a competitive partner to the US and Asia. Europe is meant to be made among the leaders in nanobiotechnology transfer in 4 years.




August 25, 2008 - Posted by | Nano News

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