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Michael Phelps and Nanotechnology

 Many of you are certainly still impressed with Michael Phelps and his astonishing 8 gold medals. At the INL, we have surfed the web in order to discover Michael Phelps secrets and we have realized that part of his success depends on neither his 12.000 Kcal daily diet nor his insane 24-7 training. Michael Phelps performance is directly linked to NANOTECHNOLOGY!

Phelps’ famous Speedo® LZR Racer® swimming trunks are made from an ultralightweight, high-tech fabric produced by Italy-based start up Mectex S.p.A. Mectex researchers and engineers developed its newly Plasmaterial™ technology which is the key to manufacture a very fine water-repellent microfiber in a very high density weave.

Basically Mectex Plasmaterial technology is an eco-friendly nanotechnology technique that uses the energy of cold plasma and no chemicals or water to permanently modify the fabric surface. The result is a new suit specially engineered to reduce drag and boost efficiency of swimmers.

The 8 gold medals of Michael Phelps perfectly exemplify how ground-breaking nanotechnologies, coupled with space-age product engineering and design, can enhance future product performance.


August 21, 2008 - Posted by | Nano News

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  1. Actually I’ve read some months ago in newspaper about it… as far as I still can remember, Phelps’ swimsuit tries to mimic the behavior of the shark-skin.
    Until now I though his suit was a hydrophobic surface able to repel the water molecules. However, having a look at the link included in your post, I realized the fabric in fact is a hydrophilic surface, ie., it improves the ability to get wet, but spread out water easily on a much wider surface without absorbing it. That’s really interesting!
    Just wondering… if NT has in fact a key role on this competition, isn’t it unfair for the other swimmers which don’t have access to this technology?!

    Comment by Joao Carlos Gomes | January 22, 2009 | Reply

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