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International Centre for Science and High Technology invites organisations from developing countries to apply for the Nanotechnology Award 2008

The ICS HTNM Nano Project Award is a project proposal competition related to the most original project idea, showing the capacity to create innovative products developing, using and adapting nanotechnologies to address Developing Countries needs.

The main final objective of the Competition is to promote the creation of start-up / spin off in Developing Countries in any application field of nanotechnology. For this reason Participants should aim at developing their ideas into real businesses.
The Competition is for students, university graduates, scientific staff and professors as well as for entrepreneurs, business employees, inventors and developers from Developing Countries. Everybody with an innovative and high-growth nanotech-based project/business idea can participate.
A Commission of internationally recognized experts in various fields of nanotechnologies will proceed in the screening of the presented project proposals in order to evaluate and select the most worthy cases (between 5 and 10 projects) for which the documentation needed to be presented to financial and donor community to fund the projects (research and development, spin off, pilot equipment, industrialization, etc) will be prepared. For one selected project there will be an additional contribution up to € 50.000 for equipment, consumable, study tours, patenting, etc. depending of what indicated in the project proposal.
The deadline for the submission of the proposal is: 30 September 2008
For the year 2008 the Nanotechnology Project Award will be carried out within the 2008 International Nano-Challenge and Polymer-Challenge, organized by Veneto Nanotech and IMST ( Such scheme will allow to scientists, technician, and researchers from Developing Countries to participate to Nano-Challenge and Polymer-Challenge prize as well.

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