Nano Bugle

A window into applied science supported by INL

The INL International Scientific Advisory Board

In order to succeed in our high demanding mission, the INL relies on the scientific guidance of outstanding and well-known international researchers and experts in the Nanotechnology field such as M. C. Rocco (NSF – USA), H. Rohrer (Nobel Laureate Physics – Switzerland), Aristides Requicha (U. Southern California – USA), Tom Jovin (Max Planck Institute – Germany), Christopher B. Murray (U. Pennsylvania – USA), R. Caciuffo (ITU – Germany) and Emilio Méndez (Brookhaven USA).

The International Advisory board advice joined to a detailed study about the existing current Nanotechnology areas of excellence and specific needs in the economical tissue of Spain and Portugal was especially important to determine the strategic INL research areas:

1) Nanomedicine:

2) Environment monitoring and security & Food Quality and Control

3) Nanoelectronics:

4) Nano-machines and nanomanipulation:


July 10, 2008 - Posted by | INL Project

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