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Braga Cost of Living- Accommodation

Some people have been asking us about the cost of living in Braga. Let’s start by giving you some information about the real state offer. Braga has a significant offer of housing. Two to three bedroom apartments are available for very reasonable prices, 250 to 400 Euros. Four bedroom apartments cost a little more 450 to 600 Euros.

The hiring normally is for a minimum of 6 months. Before renting, it is common to be asked for a 2 months rent payment in advance, representing the first and the last months rent. Compared to the nearest cities, Porto, Vila Nova de Famalição or Guimarães, rent tends to be cheaper in Braga, due to the large offer.

Most houses and flats are not furnished, although they may have closets and equipped kitchens. Earlier constructions don’t have heating in Portugal.

You can also find people who rent rooms. Usually these are furnished. The renting price, in flats and houses, normally does not include water supply, electricity, telephone and condominium cost (a cost shared with the rest of neighbours and related with general building maintenance and expenses).

Houses or flats for rent can be found in newspaper ads or through licensed real estate agencies. You can also find accommodation online.


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