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«Nanowerk» presents it self as the leading website dedicated to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Everyday you can read news about the work being done in other research institutions. Today’s article is about «Engineering protein-based smart materials for nanomechanical applications». We quote here the introduction: 

Elastomeric (i.e. elastic) proteins are able to withstand significant deformations without rupture before returning to their original state when the stress is removed. Consequently, these proteins confer excellent mechanical properties to many biological tissues and biomaterials. Depending on the role performed by the tissue or biomaterial, elastomeric proteins can behave either as springs or shock absorbers. Recent scientific work in Canada resulted in the engineering of the first artificial chameleon elastomeric proteins that mimic and combine these two different behaviors into one protein. Under the regulation of a molecular regulator, these designer proteins exhibit one of the two distinct mechanical behaviors – spring or shock absorber – which closely mimic the two extreme behaviors observed in naturally occurring elastomeric proteins.

Read the rest of the article here


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